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Board of Deacons Photo Gallery
Rob Gibson

Deacon of Outreach

Viewed 2019 times
Vivian Burnette

Deacon of Finance

Viewed 2413 times
Stan Widener
Viewed 2392 times
Bobby & Livian Hunt
Viewed 2394 times
Jeff Chappell
Viewed 2486 times
Jeff Chappell

Deacon of Security

Viewed 2383 times
Ed Ridge

Deacon of Greeters

Viewed 2410 times
Kevin & Christina Cooper

Carston & Kassidy

Viewed 2347 times

Viewed 2331 times
Amy Griffin

Deacon of Pastor's

Team Aide Ministry

Viewed 2369 times
Bobby Hunt

Deacon of Senior Adult Ministry

Viewed 2344 times
Kevin Cooper

Deacon of Building & Maintenance

Viewed 2393 times
Veronica Robinson

Deacon of Church Media Ministry

Viewed 2418 times

Viewed 2373 times

Viewed 2412 times
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