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John Rollins III John Rollins III

John Rollins III
Title: Elder & Business Administrator
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John Rollins III was invited to the Matthews Church of God over twenty years ago; he knew absolutely nothing about the Church of God, being raised Catholic and even attended a Catholic school.
He still remembers vividly the Sunday that the Spirit of the Lord drew him to an altar of repentance; he says it was the best day of his life.

John graduated from Sun Valley High School and Guilford College. He served in law enforcement for ten years with five of those years as a detective. He is a successful entrepreneur; starting his own business, H&R Custom Injection Molding, Inc., eighteen years ago.

He loves the Matthews Church of God and can't say enough good things or express his feelings to do it justice. He has served as the Church Treasurer for more than ten years and has been an Elder for more than six years.

John says, "I thank God that I am a part of the mission of the Matthews Church of God. It is my desire that others will experience God's love through salvation. I am honored to be an Elder and I look forward to laboring with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray that I may be an Aaron, supporting my pastor to the best of my ability and being a helper and an encourager."