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Stan Widener
Title: Deacon of Ushers
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Stan Widener was born on October 4th1970 in Augusta, Georgia.  Stan and his wife Tracy have been married since September of 2003 and have two children Noah James born May 5th2007 and Landon Allen born February 12th2010.  Stan also has a daughter Hannah June born March 1st1994 who lives in Rock Hill SC.  His father is a retired Nazarene minister.  He and his wife live in the mountains of NC.

Stan has worked in the Information Technology field for almost 20 years and is now concentrating his efforts in the Information security sector of IT.  He currently works for Symantec Corporation out of Mountain View California.

On March 14th2005 Stan rededicated his life to God and has been a changed man ever since.  God has truly blessed him and his family beyond measure. Stan has since taken the role of Deacon of Ushers at the Matthews Church of God and also operates the power point presentation during the worship services.

Stan says, “I am thankful for two of the most wonderful, godly, praying parents anyone could ever have and for my beautiful family. Without their prayers I don’t know where I would be today.  Since I’ve rededicated my life to the Lord everything has fallen into place and couldn’t be sweeter!  I truly LOVE my church family at Matthews, but first and foremost I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for having mercy on someone like me and for saving me”!