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Veronica Robinson
Title: Deacon of Church Media Ministry
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Veronica Robinson was born May 17, 1974 in Princeton, WV.  She moved to Charlotte, NC in August 1994.  Veronica has been married to her husband, Scott since 1995, whom she met the evening she arrived in Charlotte. They have a son, David, who is very helpful in the youth department and in other areas around the church.

 Veronica rededicated her life to Christ at Matthews COG in the spring of 2003.  She gave her whole-heart to the Lord shortly thereafter and was baptized in water on March 16, 2005 by Bishop Brackett.  She received the baptism of the Holy Ghost on Pentecost Sunday 2006.

 She is so thankful for God’s deliverance from bondage.  She says,

 “Since giving God my whole-heart and choosing to follow Jesus, I have received His Joy, His Peace and the Holy Ghost.  I now have a passion to live, not just live but to live for Christ.”

 She has worked as a sound technician since 2005 and was installed as Deacon of Media 2011.  She enjoys being involved with the church in any way she can.